Meet Our Technology Training Team

Technology Training Program

Technology trainers assists clients to improve their technical skills and functional use of electronic devices Including computers, tablets, and smartphones


Effective use of devices, programs and apps will strengthen cognitive skills, memory, organizational skills and help regain independence.

Apps and Programs Include:

  • Scheduling/Organization
  • Programs
  • Educational Tools
  • Safe Social Media Access
  • Budgeting
  • GPS and Location Tools
  • Transit Resources
  • Cognitive Skills Apps
  • Reminders/To Dos
  • Livescribe Training
  • Advanced Computer Programs
  • Energy Conservation
  • Smart Home Setup (video doorbells, smart locks, smart lights and plugs etc.)

Assistive Technology Program

Lawlor Assistive Technology Program Trainers assists people with an ABI, mobility, visual, and communication Issues to utilize technology to improve functional capabilities and independence.
Assistive technology is any equipment, product, software program, that is used to maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. Assistive technology creates opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in all aspects of life, increases independence, security, and control at home, work, leisure, and community environments.

Our technology trainers can set up and teach clients to use:

  • Alternative Communication Devices
  • Visual Aids
  • Environmental Controls
  • Mobility and Access Tools
  • Reading and Writing Tools


Program development and training can include the client, family members, and rehabilitation team members.


Clients will be provided with customized written/pictorial scripts and video scripts as well as a binder and an eBook that includes step by step instructions for each new task.

Individualized Training

  • Training sessions are tailored to meet specific needs and skill levels.
  • Ten sessions are initially recommended consisting of one session per week for up to two hours.
  • Follow up is either completed remotely or in person to ensure skills are retained.

Skilled Tech Trainers

Lawlor Tech Trainers have several years experience working as a Rehabilitation Support Worker as well as having exceptional technical skills.

Contact Lawlor Therapy Support Services to learn more about this great program and our Tech Trainers.

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