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    Statement on COVID-19
    At Lawlor the care and safety of our clients, team members and families are our top priority. We are following the directives of the Ontario Public Health Association and the PSHSA, Public Services Health and Safety Association to help keep our clients, patients, family members and team members safe. Lawlor’s Health and Safety Team and Managers have implemented strategies and policies to help manage and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    We are informing our staff not to attend a session if they or their clients (family members) exhibit symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and other flu-like symptoms.
    Our policy is to now screen client homes/ residences before attending sessions. Lawlor staff are advised to contact the client the day before the session and inquire if they are having any of the above symptoms.RSWs will also inquire if anyone in the home has visited an affected area or had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    If clients, staff are experiencing symptoms, Lawlor RSWs will not attend sessions and will provide phone/ video support if necessary to assist the client in continuing programs.
    Lawlor RSWs will use protective measures to maintain a safe environment when working with clients.
    1. Ensure proper handwashing protocols. (wash/sanitize hands before and after sessions.)
    2. Sanitize their vehicles using wipes as Lawlor RSWs often transport clients in their car.
    3. RSWs will not take their clients to large public gatherings.
    4. Avoid sharing personal items.
    We will continue to update our policies as the situation changes and we will adhere to measures that reduce the risk of infections and to help prevent transmission. We remain committed to providing high-quality care and service to our clients.

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Lawlor Therapy Services Inc.

We provide a broad range of services for individuals who require one-on-one support, focusing on functional activities and cognitive remediation to assist people in achieving their maximum level of independence. Lawlor Therapy Support Services Inc. compliments services provided by an interdisciplinary team in a client's community, school, or work place. Rehabilitation Support Workers work under the direction of Regulated Health Care Professionals.

What Makes Our Service Unique?

A combination of program evaluation, documentation, and a collection of objective data.

resources are
identified and
incorporated wherever possible.

Our area of expertise
is acquired brain injury, spinal cord, and
soft tissue injury.
(95% of our case load
involves working with
people who have an ABI.)

A holistic approach
to treatment is
incorporated including life skills, education,
and employment.